Vendor Compliance for Profitable Supply Chains
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Compliance Networks provides private-cloud-based solutions for the retail supply chain to: Optimize vendor performance, Improve supply chain visibility, Minimize Supply chain variability, and Improve operating cash flow.

- Vendor Standard -

Over 5,000 retail supplier representatives leverage trading partner portal solutions.

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- Vendor Passport -

Includes all the features of the Vendor Standard subscription, plus more robust data and analysis tools, enhanced support, and more.

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Compliance Networks provides secure, cloud-based solutions to enhance trading partner performance.

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- How we do it -

Automated chargeback creation

After a compliance violation is detected, our sophisticated algorithms automatically calculate the most appropriate and fair chargeback dollar amount, based on the retailer’s unique business rules and the particular characteristics of the performance rule that was violated.

Supplier performance management

Sophisticated research, analysis, reporting, and data-sharing tools enable retailers to continuously improve supplier performance by leveraging accurate, complete, and current supply chain data.

Real-time supply chain alerts

Supply chain alerts provide timely, complete, and accurate information to retail supply chain stakeholders. Supply chain alerts are unique to retailers and suppliers, based on their business requirements. Alerts may be triggered by a wide array of business rule-based events, such as potential trouble shipments.

Vendor compliance management

Accurate, objective, and comprehensive detection of PO LifeCycle violations, deduction creation and communication of performance that drives measurable change in extended supply chain performance.

Vendor/supplier scorecards

Vendor scorecards are tailored to each retailer’s unique business rules and metrics. Scorecards may be periodically emailed to vendors and vendors may view, download, and drill-down into scorecard details online.

Inventory glass pipelines

Always know “where your stuff is” with the Compliance Networks Glass Pipeline view of merchandise all the way down to carton level and virtually anyway in the extended retailer supply chain.

Automated deduction management

Chargebacks are automatically passed to the retailer’s accounts payable system, chargeback details and evidence are passed to supplier and retailer staff, and details of the violation and chargeback are saved for future research and analysis.

Vendor portals

Over 10,000 retail suppliers leverage the information available on the portals that are deployed by most of Compliance Networks’ retailer customers. These vendor portals are updated daily and enable retail suppliers to research and analyze their performance relative to the expectations of their retailer customers.

Vendor transportation audits

Compliance Networks captures all necessary freight data and document images in order to conduct timely, complete, and accurate transportation audits. Freight data capture follows closely behind shipment dates, so that within a matter of days Compliance Networks is able to detect freight violations and create robust data for reporting and analysis.

- Our Retail Customers -

Our customers love our measurable track record of: Reducing supply chain costs, Improving supply chain flow, Reducing safety stock, and Mitigating out-of-stocks & margin risk. These leading retailers have deployed Compliance Networks's Trading Partner Insight Web Portals.

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